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Mystery Novel: Second Honeymoon

Title: Second Honeymoon

Author: James Patterson & Howard Roughan Type: Mystery

Before we get into the book review, I would like to welcome Lori Hurdle as our newest Aroundtable contributor. She is a passionate book lover and will review some novels for us. Please welcome Lori and do not be shy to leave us your comments and thoughts.

Please find below Lori's first review:

I loved this book. I read this book on my way to work on the commuter train, and was always completely engrossed in the storyline and quite often didn't even realize that I had arrived at my destination.

John O'Hara is an FBI agent, who two years after his wife was killed in a collision with a drunk driver, is still trying to deal with her death. When a couple is killed while on their honeymoon, John is hired by the groom's father to find out who killed his son and daughter-in-law. Unfortunately, the killing doesn't stop there, and more couples on their honeymoon are killed. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to John, there is someone on a killing spree, and the targets are men named John O'Hara. FBI agent Sarah Brubaker is assigned to keep an eye on John and together they work on both the Honeymoon Killer and the John O'Hara Serial Killer case.

I loved reading this mystery novel. The various plot twists makes this book a definite must read.

Lori Hurdle can be reached at

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