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U2/ Apple- Part 1 & 2

U2/Apple – Part 1

This week U2 surprised their fans by joining Apple and giving away their new album, Songs of Innocence. The album was uploaded directly to all Apple user’s through iCloud thus bypassing the “download” option for individual users. Sounds like a great idea, get a free album from U2…cool. It didn’t work out as they would have liked however. Instead of making everyone happy by getting a free album, U2 and Apple are now suffering a backlash from customers.

Getting something for free online isn’t new, that marketing technique has been around for a while, however it was always left up to the consumer to choose what they wanted for free. I believe a lot of Apple/music lovers felt that the act of virtually shoving it down your throat, crossed a line. Music is a very personal choice and Apple went overboard by not allowing us the choice to download the album ourselves.

What made this even harder to take, was the fact that the U2 I grew up with, would have been the first in line to fight Apple or any company for that matter, on doing something like this. I guess when the ‘’Big Rock Machine” needs its wheels greased, sleeping with the enemy is the only choice to keep it going.

All I can say, is that instead of having people enjoying a free album, Apple and U2 have just opened a can of worms. If Apple feels that they can decide anything at all with regards to their product, who knows what is going to happen down the road.

As the story goes, Eve tempted Adam with an apple and they were both banned from paradise, let’s see what happens the second time around.

U2/Apple – Part 2

And know for what should have been the focal point, the review of the new album from U2 entitled, Songs of Innocence. Note: a deluxe edition of the album will be released in stores this October and will have more tracks than the eleven songs that were released through Apple.

OK… Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen JR have returned to their beginnings for inspiration on their thirteenth album. The album kicks off with the track, The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) which deals with the band’s musical awakening from when they heard the Ramone’s for the first time. The track, The Song for Someone is about Bono’s first love, his wife Ali. California (There is No End to Love) is about the band’s arrival to California in the 80’s. Iris (Hold Me Close) deals with the death of Bono’s mother and how she is still with him in spirit. The most “classic” U2 sounding song is entitled Every Breaking Wave and it deals with the struggles and distractions in a long term relationship.

Songs of Innocence is a solid pop album and could be seen as the sister album to their All That You Can’t Leave Behind release in 2000, especially in terms of sound and feel. Is it a masterpiece? No. It is however a good album that reveals more of itself through repeated listens.

Gone are the days of Sunday Bloody Sunday, and that’s ok. The boys from Dublin are in their 50’s and before they fight the good fight, U2 realize that they need to know who they are and where they’ve been before they set sights to where they’re going.

Standout Tracks: The Miracle (of Joey Ramone), Every Breaking Wave, Song for Someone, Iris (Hold Me Close) , Cedarwood Road and The Troubles.

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