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Spoilers....Noooooooooooooooooo !!!

The one thing that I really dislike in reading movie reviews is the inclusion of the spoiler section, and for the life of me I don`t understand why they would do that. If I am going to spend twelve dollars or more of my hard earned money to already know the ending….what`s the point of going to the theatre in the first place?

Now I have no problem with people doing some research to see if the movie is worth seeing, but knowing all the details before walking in, is pointless to me.

Some websites do warn you about spoilers and I appreciate that they do. I just don`t get this fascination with knowing every single detail about the movie before seeing the film.

The movie that kick started this rant of mine off is Star Trek: Into Darkness. For weeks and weeks there were blogs, forums, you name it, everybody had to know that the villain was going to be Khan. Then when Khan was revealed, everybody complained about it. Although the movie made money, could it have garnered even more audience enthusiasm had that secret been kept? Did it make the movie more entertaining to know that Khan was the villain….nope! I thought that it took away all of the mystery. I really believe that the audience would have enjoyed, Into Darkness, a whole lot more. I wish that Paramount and J.J. Abrams would have stuck to their guns in not revealing the villain.

Part of the movie experience is not knowing. Just imagine if we knew the ending of the Empire Strikes Back when it was originally released, what a letdown that would have been. I know that this is the information age and all but some info I could do without.

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