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Ace Frehley- Space Invader (2014)

Former Kiss lead guitarist returns with his new solo record entitled Space Invader. The album was produced by Frehley and is comprised of eleven original songs and one cover of Steve Miller’s The Joker.

The album coincides with Kiss’s induction into The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, and Ace wisely uses his “Space Ace” persona to lure Kiss fans into the Frehley camp. The video game album title track (Space Invader) along with Inside The Vortex and Past The Milky Way are a sure reminder to Kiss fans of Ace Frehley’s origins as the Space Man.

As for the album itself, Ace is in top form and the guitar playing…wait for it…is out of this world! Ace’s voice is a little weathered but still very good. Space Invader has a definite seventies sound and long-time Ace/ Kiss fans will eat this up. Those who are new to the Frehley camp, may have a difficult time getting into some of these songs, they may come off as “tacky” or “camp”. A prime example is the title track Space Invader: The song sounds great but is it a left over track from an 80’s video game or B- movie sound track?

Now gaze upon your space invader

He comes to save us

From Light years away

Our space invader

Knows we lost our way.

Not taking anything away from Space Invader it is a very solid fun filled rock n’ roll record. It is just that you really need to be in the right frame of mind when listening to it. My only problem with Ace’s newest outing is the terrible cover of Steve Miller’s The Joker….yikes!

So channel your inner Asimov and take a trip with the Space Invader.

Standout Tracks: Gimme A Feelin’, I Wanna Hold You, Inside The Vortex, Past The Milky Way, Starship

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