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Movie: Hercules

In this new instalment, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is Hercules. The movie starts off with the various exploits of legendary Hercules. However the movie entertains the idea that maybe Hercules was just a regular human being with super strength, in which his accomplishments turned him into a legend. This is basically the focus of the movie and the message came across well. The human side of Hercules is a refreshing look at the legend. The Rock was as charismatic as ever and he was in splendid physical shape for the movie.

The movie is not about the legend, but the human being behind the legend. Hercules is haunted by some demons from the past and the focus of the storyline is how he works through them. The story is well told, with lots of action scenes that are well done. By the end of the movie, you believe in the possibility that Hercules was only a regular man with some extraordinary adventures in which legend made him larger than life.

I was surprisingly pleased with the movie and I would definitely recommend this movie to see a different take on the legend of Hercules.

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