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John Hiatt : Alive and Kickin'

John Hiatt is one of those under rated artists whose album sales never matched his talent. He’s won the 2000 Nashville Songwriter / Artist of the year award and received the 2008 Americana Music Association: Life time Achievement Award for song writing not to mention his songs have been covered by the likes of Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Joe Cocker, Jeff Healey and countless others.

This week marks the release of his 22nd studio album entitled Terms of My Surrender. The album is a stripped down blues record and another fine addition to the Hiatt catalogue. At this stage in his career he could be relying on spewing out greatest hits but it shows what a real talent he is by releasing well written new material. I really enjoy the tracks; Long Time Coming, Face of God and Wind Don’t Have to Hurry. Terms of My Surrender is one of those albums you play on a lazy Sunday afternoon to wind down from the weekend.

So if you looking for some well written and performed songs, look no further than Terms of My Surrender. Be warned, although Hiatt is a great song writer, his voice may take some getting used to. As usual I have added a list of some of my favourite albums from John Hiatt. If you are already a fan, send me your list.

  • Bring the Family(1987)

  • Slow Turning (1988)

  • Stolen Moments (1990)

  • Perfectly Good Guitar (1993)

  • Crossing Muddy Waters(2000)

  • The Tiki Bar is Open (2001)

  • Beneath This Gruff Exterior (2003)

  • Mystic Pinball (2012)

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