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The Future of Sci-fi

I see a bleak future for original Sci-fi movies what with Edge of Tomorrow’s disappointing box office and Snowpiercer only being in limited release and video on demand. If studios read into this, we could see even more reboots, reimagining’s and superhero movies than ever before, closing the door on creativity; which I believe is essential in the Sci-fi genre. Don’t get me wrong, as enjoyable as some of these reboots, reimagining and superhero movies are, how many more can they make? I guess they will go on as long as they keep making money but where is the creativity in that? Will we see an original movie or T.V. series in ten years? Will we have any screen writers that can write something truly original? What happens when they run out of these rehashes etc… etc… then what?

Science fiction has always dealt with going beyond one’s limitations. The use of imagination, creativity, wonderment, questioning anything and everything was what made Sci-fi great in the first place. Without all that, we would not have had Star Trek, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Alien, The Matrix and countless other great sci-fi movies or T.V. series.

This November could be a turning point however when Interstellar gets released. It’s an original story written by Christopher and Jonathon Nolan (Batman Trilogy). If it does well at the box office, it could give Sci-fi a much needed second wind. If not we could be seeing a lot more of the same old – same old.

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