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Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick were formed in 1973 in Rockford Illinois. The band combined their love of British pop, power chords and an absurd sense of humour to create their sound. The current line–up consists of three of the original members being Robin Zander (vocals, rhythm guitar), Rick Nielsen (lead guitar) and Tom Petersson (bass guitar). Rick’s son, Daxx Nielsen, fills in on drums on their tours.

In my opinion, I believe that Cheap Trick is a band that is underrated and no matter how much success they have achieved thus far, they should be selling out huge venues not just smaller ones. A band of their caliber with great tunes and ability of putting on fantastic shows seems to have fallen onto the wayside for some reason.

So, if you are looking for something different to listen to, then I urge you to search out for yourselves, what I believe to be their top albums. If you’re already a fan, please send in your list of your favourite albums.

  • Cheap Trick (1977) – Their debut album. It fused The Beatles pop sensibilities, the raw power of The Who, and their twisted sense of humour super well.

  • In Color (1977) – Cheap Trick’s second album brings their Beatlesque sound to the forefront and at their power pop best.

  • Heaven Tonight (1978) – Their third album is the culmination of their live performance with the best elements of their first two albums, making it an arena rock album that is radio friendly.

  • At Budokan (1979) – Cheap Trick are known for their live performances. This album showcased the band at its finest, giving a lot of their songs that much needed arena rock sound.

  • Dream Police (1979) – Cheap Trick’s most elaborate album to date, bringing the pop sound from their first three albums to the extreme.

  • Cheap Trick (1997) – Re-titled Cheap Trick like their debut album, perhaps to signify a return to form or a new beginning. Whatever the case may be, Cheap Trick, is their most direct and melodic album in years.

  • Rockford (2006) – A power pop album with Beatlesque harmonies, and crunching guitars, simply a great Cheap Trick album.

  • The Latest (2009) – More of a back to basic “rock” record with the power pop sensibilities of Rockford and the In Color albums.

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