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Heart - Montreal Concert Bell Centre

This was my first time seeing the legendary rock group Heart in concert and I was not disappointed. Close to 6,000 fans got to hear the Heart classics, some new material and great surprises. Going into the concert, I was expecting the first half would be Jason Bonham, the son of legendary Led Zep drummer John Bonham, but to my surprise, Heart played for over 2 hours and Jason Bonham played with them in the second set.

Ann and Nancy Wilson were in great form on Saturday night. They started off the concert with Baracuda which gave the tone to the first set. They played most of their hits in the first half such as What about Love and Crazy for You. They also played their version of Let it Roll from Paul McCartney's album Band on the Run which was a pleasant surprise. Their new song Dear Old America demonstrated that the group still have the passion after all these years together.

The second half was entirely a tribute to Led Zepplin with Jason Bonham. It was a pleasant surprise to see Heart play 8 songs, 50 minute set, honouring the iconic rock group. In my opinion the best songs were Battle of Evermore and Stairway to Heaven, in which Ann Wilson really shined.

I spoke to people around me after the concert and some were disappointed because they were Heart fans but not Led Zep fans, and felt they were a little short changed. They felt devoting a second half only to Led Zepplin was a little too much. I have to agree with them to a certain extent, but I am a Led Zepplin fan and it was a pleasant surprise. It was great to hear these songs live, and Heart played them extremely well...Robert Plant and Jimmy Page would certainly approve.

In all, I found the show entertaining and when I left I felt I had my money's worth. The intimate setting of the Amphitheatre also worked well. I read online that some people were complaining about the sound, however from where I was sitting I found it excellent. Actually much better than some metal bands I have seen in the past couple of years.

I would definitely recommend seeing Heart in concert.

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