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Sunset Strip (2012)

If you like nostalgic documentaries with various artists telling great stories on what they experienced and how the strip changed their lives this is a movie for you. Not only they explain the history of the strip, but they have actual footage which makes it even more authentic. The film exposes the different changes and events that marked the famous LA strip and does a great job of it. It might not explain everything that happened but it gives you an overview of how it was and what was going on there during the different eras. I think in this regard, the film achieved what they wanted to accomplish.

I do agree with some critics out there that some people interviewed like Kelly Osbourne are too young to be nostalgic. I think the director Hans Fjellestad was trying to demonstrate that the strip is still relevant to today's generation.

In all, the documentary is quite entertaining bringing the hi and lows of the strip from the 1940's until 2010. Great storytelling, great film segments and pictures from the different eras, and good interviews that give you a global picture of the famous strip. Definitely a must see if you like history and music.

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