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Bang! Boom! Pow!

I am going against the grain here , but I love old school action movies. Give me explosions, guns and everything that goes with it. So on August 15th I will be in the theatre watching Sly and boys blow stuff up!

Synopsis: Barney ( Stallone) and the rest of his crew come into contact with Conrad Stonebanks (Gibson) the co-founder the Expendables who Barney had killed, when Conrad veered off course to become an evil arms trader, or so he thought.

Now Stonebanks has made it his mission to end the Expendables and Barney must hire some new blood in order to defeat Conrad.

Is it art...nah! Is it fun...hell yeah!!!

Leave your brain at home and enjoy the ride, and please leave some popcorn for us at Aroundtable.

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