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Power Rock Trio - California Breed

Rock fans rejoice! California Breed has released it's self entitled debut album. Comprised of Glenn Hughes (vocals,bass), Jason Bonhan (drums) and Andrew Watt (guitar).This power trio effortlessly combines 70's hard rock/ blues with today's recordong technology.

The songs are great, and the playing is top notch throughout. Bonham is on fire here! Watt will be heard in the guitar world for years too come. Hughes is dynamite in his singing, playing and song writting.

There are a couple of minor issues regarding California Breed. First, if you had never heard Glenn Hughes' voice, please sample some songs; with Hughes, it's a " love him or hate him" type of scenario. Second, the cd clocks in at a little over 50 minutes, a liitle too long for me.

Playlist Worthy: The Way, Sweet Tea, Chemical Rain, Midnight Oil & All Falls Down

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