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The Beatles - The US Albums

Fifty years ago four young men from Liverpool made their television debut on "The Ed Sullivan Show", and rock history was made. Now, Capital records has re-released the U.S. versions of their albums . The only difference between the U.S albums and those released in England are the track listings.

Not to take anything away from the incredible 2009 remasters, but what I liked from this 2014 series is the inclusion of both the mono and stereo versions on some of the albums. While it is totally up to you to purchase the 2014 box set, the cd's are available individually.

Personally my curiosity got the better of me and have purchased four albums so far (The Beatles Yesterday And Today, Rubber Soul, Revolver& Hey Jude). Their great sound and their old school look (like the original vinyl record) made it too good for me to pass up.

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