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The Iron Mask (2020) - Trailer

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"We are the World" by USA for Africa - Vintage Track

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Game Name: Kathy Rain

Publisher: Raw Fury

Developer: Clifftop Games

Release Date: May 5th, 2016

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android


I was browsing YouTube one night and there was this old looking game that appeared in my feed. It looked quite retro. Wh...

Game Name: Guns, Gore and Cannoli

Developer: Claeysbrothers, Crazy Monkey Studios

Publisher:  Crazy Monkey Studios

Date of Release: Apr 30, 2015

Platforms: Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS and  Switch


I was looking for a game to play that would just...

Game Name: NHL HItz 2002

Developer: Black Box Games

Publisher: Midway Games

Platforms: GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2

Release Date:  November 14, 2001 (XBOX)


Well the weather here in Montreal is cold and very snowy. I figured that I might as well review a...

Game Name: Deus Ex: Invisible War

Developer: Ion Storm

Publisher: Eidos Interactive

Release Date: December 2, 2003

Platforms: Microsoft Windows and Original Xbox


I had just finished the original Deus Ex on PC and as you can see in my review here, it was awesome....

Game Name: Deus Ex (Game of the Year Edition)

Developer: Ion Storm

Publisher: Eidos Interactive

Release Date: June 17, 2000

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and PlayStation 2

Genre: Action role-playing, first-person shooter, and stealth


If you have been read...

Game Name: The Outer Worlds

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Publisher: Private Division

Release Date: October 25th, 2019

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch (2020)


I was really anticipating The Outer Worlds. All the traile...

Channel Name: PhoxyLoxy

Channel Link: https://www.twitch.tv/phoxyloxy/

Followers: 358


I will be quite honest, I do not remember how I stumbled onto this channel. However, no matter now I reached it ,I am happy that I did. 

Bio and Background

This is from Ph...

Doom Name: Mini Doom II

Developer: Fingus

Publisher: Calavera Studio

Release Date: March 9th, 2018

Platforms: Microsoft Windows


I was looking to play a game that could hold me off between my play through of BioShock and the new game The Outer Worlds. I heard abo...

Game Name: BioShock

Developer: 2K Boston and 2K Australia

Publisher: 2K Games

Date Released: August 21, 2007

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One


I had just finished the Metro Exodus DLC called The Two...

Game Name: Metro Exodus, The Two Colonels (DLC)

Publisher: Deep Silver

Developer: 4A Games

Release Date: August 20th, 2019

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One


This year I played through the whole Metro series and I have to admit, I really l...

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